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We rethought the order of the supply chain of healthcare to create a more specific, measurable and attainable outcome. Clinical Wellness Network generates a win for all stakeholders: Consultant, Medical Provider, Employer, Employee and Insurance Carrier. Join today and be a part of the network.

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Our mission is to help 1 Million people in the United States.

Clinical Wellness Network wants to restore confidence in a broken healthcare system. Through collaboration between Benefits Consultants and Medical Professionals across the country we can help Americans get better care. 

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Brokers are going through a transformation.

One of the key performance indicators that mark the move from a “Traditional Broker” to a “Next-Generation Advisor” is exploring non-insurance solutions. Clinical Wellness Network wants to bring you into the next generation.

Dan Thompson, CEO & Founder
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The Direct Care App allows our providers to be a click away from their patients, leveraging technology to streamline the process and create a stronger network.

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